$2 billion in Unspent FHWA Earmarks Can Be Repurposed

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The U.S. Department of Transportation will allow state DOTs to repurpose $2 billion in unspent congressional earmark funding if it is more than a decade old, if less than 10 percent of project funds had been obligated, or if the project is closed. New projects must be within 50 miles of the original intended use (the rules are here).

Project funds eligible for re-designation amount to roughly $4 million in the District of Columbia, $23 million in Maryland, and $71 million in Virginia. The complete list is here if you want start drawing those 50-mile circles in Maryland and Virginia.The DC funds were earmarked for Kennedy Center access projects.

A similar USDOT action in 2012 made $470 million in unspent earmarks available to states for transportation projects.


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